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The man behind the Saints & Sinners Cluster.

For Shenanigans, it all started because his son was continuously getting trolled on an Ark PvP server that prompted him to enter into the world of building and hosting a cluster of servers. He wanted to build a safe-haven where like-minded gamers could come and enjoy this game to the fullest. He intended for the cluster to be PvP, but accidentally set it to PvE before leaving it up for the weekend. When he returned, there were close to 50 players online who'd been enjoying the cluster. At that point, there was nothing to be done but keep it PvE and build the community around it.

All of the Admins of Saints & Sinners have been on the server for at least a year or longer. We all admit that it was a long journey in the beginning, with many learning curves. However, all of the mistakes and lessons have brought us to where we are today.

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I started playing ark with some friends and decided to start our own private PvE server. That's when I got hooked on playing. I ended up sharing some of my playtime with my wife since we only had the one ps4. She watched me play most of the time until she used my character and started playing as much as I was. So we ended up getting 2nd ps4. With that I expanded a little more and got into streaming part time on Twitch. We played on our server for a bit until everyone lost interest and we decided to find another server. We found this server and we have loved it from day 1. I still remember my first LMS win getting a max lvl Eden Rock Drake that was the best! This is by far the best community I have ever been in and very proud to be part of! Sean has done an amazing job on building the server and Discord.

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I bought myself Ark for my birthday in 2017, a few months after it came out on console. I played official for a little over a year, but eventually it became a full time job and me and my tribe mates agreed we wanted to get back to just enjoying the game again.  We were looking through the unofficial servers, trying to find one that had an actual name, a brand for themselves and their community, when we came across Boss Hunters. The rates were great, the grind was really well balanced, and on our first day we got to interact with so many other players and admins that we thought “This is the one.” We’re now Saints & Sinners, which fits us to a T. There’s been a few ups and downs, but when the community built is as genuine as this one you’ll find they’re just about indestructible. I’ll probably have life long friends in a lot of the people I’ve met on here, and I look forward to growing with each and every one of them.

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I discovered Ark when my best friend and I were looking for some good couch co-op type games. For the longest time, we just played singleplayer together on splitscreen - but when the tether got too much, we started looking into playing online. For a while, I set up a small cluster for a group of us to play and had a blast! But, as time went on, it became too much to manage by myself, with too much of a cost, for just 2 or 3 players. Even with the cluster gone, I still wanted to play Ark, and I wanted to have the settings close to what I had done on my cluster. That's when I discovered Saints & Sinners. I joined and was instantly hooked. The settings were similar to my cluster, but BETTER. The community was so friendly, and I loved all the opportunities for perks and bonuses that you otherwise couldn't obtain on Official or without Admin rights. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this community, and I hope to help it flourish and grow!

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I have been playing Ark for about a year, got lonely offline and went looking for a server that felt "right". There were a few before I found saints and sinners but they just weren't right for me. Never thought I would ever be an admin though. Live with my husband and children in North Florida on 7 acres. Love all animals. Like to think I'm pretty open minded and enjoy a good conversation. Oh and don't forget coffee is the key to everything.

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I first started playing Ark with few of my buddy's on official for almost a year, but could never really get anywhere in the game, so I started server hopping trying to find a good server to play. I tried a few, and between lack of admins to enforce rules, or power hungry admins, it never worked out. A few months later I was done with the server I was currently on, gave away my stuff, and left. Then, I found this cluster. This is the longest I've been with a server, and by far the best cluster I've experienced for both my wife both and myself. We both play here together and have no plans on leaving, only improving and growing the community the best we can!

"This is by far the best community I have ever been in and very proud to be part of! Shenanigans has done an amazing job on building the server and Discord."

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