ARK: Survival Evolved PVE Cluster

Welcome to Saints & Sinners

We are saints & Sinners

Ascend with us.

We are a PS4 PvE cluster consisting of 5 servers: 4 PvE Maps and 1 Exclusive Access Specialty Map: Eden. Our community is geared towards long-term play with an economy and the ability to ascend.

PS4 PvE Cluster

Join us for an enjoyable, exciting fight for survival on our PvE cluster. You'll find the maps have been custom-coded to perfection, with hidden surprises and unique map additions to all those that play.
have fun, make friends & survive

"It's been a long time since I had so much fun in any ARK Server. I'd rather be playing here than anywhere else. Five star server for sure."

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Why choose us?

Friendly Community

Friendly Community

Our clusters are geared towards providing a fun, friendly environment for you to enjoy ARK on a long-term basis. We're all here to have fun and survive!
Admin Staff

Knowledgeable Admins

The Admin team of Saints & Sinners is not only friendly, but incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. Reach out anytime with questions to our admins on our Discord.
Events & Prizes

Fun Events & Prizes

What's a community without some fun events?! We've got quite a few weekly events that our players seem to love—especially when you walk away with amazing prizes!
Owner Shop

Owner Shop

We're always wanting to ensure you can have the best time possible, while extending the longevity of our server and community. For those rare or elusive tames, or special colors, we created the owner shop. For more details on this, join our Discord!
Players Market

Players Market

Every community needs a little trading, right? On Saints N Sinners we have a very active Players Market on our Discord where players can negotiate all sorts of trades with each other. Just remember, be nice!
Player reviews

What Our Players Say

Lady J
"All that you do here is great! Love your Servers (play PS4), love your Nitrado! I’ll watch your vids when I can. Keep up great work"
“Hello!!!! 👋Just wanted to say thanks for letting me join and that I already love how the server is set up ☺☺☺”
"I'm LOVING this server ❤️!! I've played on a few, and this has the best settings, friendliest community, and is just so addicting!"
"Me and the wife have grown to like this server and that's awesome. Admins here are way better than the last Discord I was in."
“Tbh, I hope the admins see this because I really do love this server. It’s what I’ve been looking for.”
“I've tried out several PVE servers and they are not as good as this one. This is the best server I've found.”
Weekly Cluster Events

S&S Events


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